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Please note, that the menu always changes!


Dear Nana is an award-winning baker of breads and cakes as well as serving delicious tea with scones. Her secret ingredient is always LOVE.


The Witch is constantly trying out new recipes for her spells, potions and elixirs. Sometimes, she refers to her spell books and often not. The results are always delightful under moonlight.


The Chef is well sought after – he could get a job anywhere. There is no cuisine that he can’t whip up to perfection. From “escargot” (snails) for mains to “profiterole” for dessert, served with excellent coffee.

You may request a particular dish, often, the biggest influence is the rumbles of my own stomach (contact me).

Covers are individually painted and all inside pages are blank, besides being indexed in 6 sections: entrees, soups, mains, desserts, cakes, misc, and made with 90gsm 100% recycled brown paper designed to write and/or paste recipes in.

The triangular shaped recipe books are a square page when opened flat and designed to stand.

20cm (w) x 26cm
  medium triangular
31cm (w) x 31cm (when flat)
28.5cm (w) x 39cm
  big triangular
44cm (w) x 44cm (when flat)

Perfect gift for someone who loves your cooking – start the book off for them with one of their favourites.

1. Choose a cover click pic to enlarge
image wraps around front and back on big size, whole image
appears on front of medium size.

two hearts

2. Choose colours for hand painted cover:
lemon yellow, warm yellow, orange, bright red, pink, purple, violet, blue purple, blue, turquoise, green, lime OR leave it to Kate.

Also see guest books.

Each book has been painted, folded, sewn and glued by hand. Covers are made with book binding cloth (canvas) and hand painted with non-fade inks then coated in a water-based (but not water proof) sealer. Black covers are made from commercially dyed black canvas and are water proof. Each hand painted cover is a one-off and will vary from the sample covers shown here.

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hand bound books recipe books
© copyright Kate Raffin 2016.
All prices in Australian dollars.
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